HPNW Accreditation and Equipment Evaluation

We provide support for applications to all accrediting bodies including the American College of Radiology and the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission.  Our support includes the collection of phantom test data, data analysis, and submission.  We also provide support for submission of clinical images.

Accreditation Services

  • Provide phantom and clinical images on CD for MRI, CT, and Nuclear Medicine
  • Perform phantom and non-phantom camera (including PET) testing and regular department audits in Nuclear Medicine
  • Provide all required physicist equipment evaluations and reports for Screening and Stereotactic Mammography
  • Perform Ultrasound annual equipment evaluations including phantom testing of all clinically-used transducers

Equipment Evaluation

Perform routine equipment performance and safety evaluations to satisfy The Joint Commission (TJC), State, and Federal requirements for:

  • CT Equipment
  • Radiographic Equipment
  • Fluoroscopic Equipment
  • Bone Density Equipment
  • Dental X-Ray Equipment