SPECT/CT Scanner Shielding

Radiation shielding needs for SPECT/CT imaging rooms depend on many variables such as patient workload, size of room, adjacent area use and status and other concerns.

HPNW will verify all clinical and design parameters so that the recommended radiation shielding is specifically designed for the room. NCRP Guidelines and restrictive allowable dose limits are used to ensure a safe working environment and regulatory compliance.

Shielding Request Checklist

  • Equipment Detail
    • Unit Make / Model
    • Patient Workload
  • Room Detail
    • Scale Drawing
    • Floor-to-Floor Heights (if occupied)
    • Floor / Ceiling Concrete Thickness (if occupied)
  • Facility Address & Contact Information
  • Billing Address & Contact Information

* Please note that we cannot complete the shielding reports until all information has been received and is accurate.

SPECT/CT Frequently Asked Questions

Is the shielding related to the CT scan machine or the nuclear medicine gamma imaging?

If shielding is needed, it will be due to the secondary radiation associated with the CT scanner operation.

Are radiation surveys required before clinical use of the room?

Both construction surveys and post-construction radiation surveys are available to verify the amount and location as well as the application of the lead shielding. These surveys are not normally required.